Tournament Information

Saturday, June 11th, 2016

Mendocino Headlands State Park
Big River Beach
10066 N. Highway 1
Mendocino, California 95460

Game day registration will be available at the Frisbee Central Tent until 10:30am

- Bula Rules -

- 5 vs 5 -

- 1 time-out per half w/ 1 floater -

- Games to 13 -

- Bring Black and White shirts -

- We have a permit to access to the beach until closing -


Parking is quite limited so PLEASE CARPOOL!
Should available parking be exhausted please park in the village, but not behind the Presbyterian Church.


As every Tournament does, Frisbee Central will have plenty of snacks for our participants... and pickles too ^_^
For actual chow, the Village of Mendocino has got you covered.

Click here for a list of nearby restaraunts.


Are totally welcome, as long as they are on a leash. State Parks is VERY good at fining people for unleashed dogs around here. Up to $300/dog!


Alcohol is not permitted, and absolutely NO GLASS CONTAINERS
...that's what I will say about that...


Music is totally allowed! We would love for you to also enjoy the sounds of the ocean and Big River.


This is an ALL WEATHER Tournament. Meaning, Fog, Rain, Wind, or Sun.
Weather on the coast is unpredictable at best: make sure to bring lots of layers and extras of them!


Well the tide won't be the lowest it could be, but we are playing at the lowest tide of the day. We LOVE playing in the water....hopefully you do too!
Click here for Tide information.

Tournament & Party Location:

Mendocino Headlands State Park
Big River Beach 10066 N. Highway 1, River side of bridge

For regular updates visit our Facebook Event page!

Field Layout:

Have Questions? Contact us at

In Production With:

Let's celebrate the beach, ALL DAY LONG!
The Mendo Blendo is a casual beach dance party for the tournament and our community.

Featured DJs:

TAOTEMPO (KevinDestiny Logan)
Qrazy Heart (Paloma Carmona)
DJ Embe (Steve Crowningshield)
Nutrishious (Tricia Godwin)

This event will be unlike anything we've ever seen on the Mendocino Coast.

This is an ALL AGES event. We ask that there be no glass or visibly open alcohol containers within the space provided. We will be checking ID's and putting special wristbands on guests who are 21+.

There will be a zero tolerance for bad vibes or violence, as well as over intoxication. If we can all join together to make this experience successful the possibility for more is inevitable!

We are asking for a $5 donation for the dance party or whatever you would like to donate.

Lastly we ask that you be radically self reliant and that you take with you any garbage that you bring in. This is gearing up to be a fun one guys! We can't wait to see all of you beautiful people there!

Don't forget to bring some cash because we're doin' another sweet raffle!
Prizes include, but are not limited to:

A plethora of gift certificates from local businesses/sponsors!
Two tickets on the Skunk Train!
Expensive Antique Glassware!
Art by famed local artists Jacquelyn Cisper and Mendocino Mud Man!
Of course we'll have other fun and silly things to bid on.
Stay for the end of the raffle for the Grand Finale,
A beautiful 16"x38" Redwood Bench valued at $300 donated by:
Mendocino Heritage Furniture Co!

Not enough frisbee on Saturday? Join us again on the same beach, for:

Sunday Funday!

Hangover from the Hat Beach Pick-Up Day!

The tide is low, the beach will be ready: start time at 11am.

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