Hotels and B&B's

Didgeridoo Dreamtime Inn

The Didjeridoo Dreamtime Inn, a local B&B, is offering $20 off the room rate for 4 of their rooms! Just give them a call to book and mention the Frisbee Tournament and :)

Didjeridoo Dreamtime Inn
44860 Main St.
Mendocino, CA
(707) 937-6200

Hill House Inn

MaCallum House Inn

Stanford Inn
(very close to the beach)

Sweetwater Inn and Eco Spa
(small cabins and rooms available here)

Jughandle Creek Farm

**There are a TON more places to stay, in or near Mendo, these are just a few..and hopeful sponsors.
There are more economical places in Fort Bragg, which is about a 10 minute drive NORTH of Mendocino.


Live Web Feed of Caspar Beach! (Not Tournament Site)

Sustenance and Libations

Mendocino offers fantastic restaurant selections ranging from places where you can walk in with sand on your feet, to places where dressing up is part of the occasion. Want just drinks? Well our one and only watering hole can take care of that for you..libations with ocean views. While there are MANY places to choose from, below is just a few places you may want to try out.

Trillium Cafe
Our restaurant is beautiful and cozy, with a fire place and ocean views. When the weather permits, we have our outside deck open, which has ocean views of Big River Bay, and our beautiful culinary flower garden. Trillium Cafe & Inn is close to all the local shopping and Main Street and we are just a short walk to the beach and the Mendocino Headlands State Park.
Goodlife Cafe
COFFEE!! GoodLife Cafe & Bakery brings you locally roasted fair trade organic coffee and espresso drinks, freshly baked organic pastries, and lots of delicious homemade food for breakfast and lunch. With daily specials and gluten free options.
Dicks Place
“When looking to party in the tiny, beautiful sea side town of Mendocino you have but two options... We chose Dick's.”
-Justin N. Los, Angeles, CA
Frankies Pizza
Frankie's in the village of Mendocino is the ideal place to pick up a quick nosh or to spend time savoring food, visiting with friends and neighbors. We are family owned and run, serving pizza, falafel and locally made ice cream as well as other items from our own kitchen. Enjoy espresso drinks, tea, beer or wine.
Mendocino Cafe
We pride ourselves on serving our local and global community international cuisine composed of organic ingredients healthy for the planet and our customers.
MacCallum House
“There is no better place to spend an entire evening than the MacCallum House.”
– NY Times
Corners of the Mouth
Natural Foods. Organic Produce. Herbs-Tea-Supplements A Workers Collective Since 1975.
Mendocino Hotel
The Only Historic Full-Service Hotel in the Heart of Mendocino Village Overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the Mendocino Headlands
Patterson's Pub
For a little bit of Ireland on the Pacific Ocean, come to Mendocino's Patterson's Pub. A traditional Irish pub, with healthy comfort pub food and the best stocked bar north of the Golden Gate Bridge.
Mendocino Market
Need to grab a quick bite? Head straight here. Located in Mendocino and specializing in great Sandwiches both hot and cold. Try our grilled chicken and swiss or our pesto veggie, two local mendo favorites!

Come for the Ultimate, stay for the Vacation!

We understand that it takes an effort to make it up here, and that's why we want to share more than just our love for Frisbee with YOU!

There are tons of things to see, do, and enjoy while here. Below is a small list of our favourites and others you might fun to check out!

Mendocino Marijuana. Its part of our community and helps this small town keep thriving. ..and well..many of us need it/love it! The Leonard Moore Cooperative, a proud sponsor, has an open door policy for those with and WITHOUT a script. Happen to have one? Send it in early to be verified beforehand, so you can try for yourself what Mendocino County has to offer. Not a script holder? Come on in anyway and see what a peaceful and professional space the LMC provides for those who are new to the world, as well as space for research and information.

Catch A Canoe and Bicycles Too offers amazing canoe and kayak options for floating up the river for an even better view of the logging history as well as viewing critters who love the Big River water.

SURFING..and other fun water stuff!! It can be great times out in the ocean up here. If you have your water gear, bring it on up! If you don't have gear, but want to get out...stop by Lost Surf Shop in Ft. Bragg to get you set up. Please remember this area is filled with ROCKS. ONLY surf where you KNOW IT IS OK!!!!

SPARK: Spark was started as a small family business perched atop the bluffs in the scenic historical village of Mendocino, in Northern California. Run by a husband and wife team, SPARK is focused on keeping things local and supporting the American glass movement. From day one the goal of team SPARK has been to provide the highest quality glassware along with the best and newest accessories for the smoking connoisseur.

*Big River Haul Road has a bunch of logging history along it. Take a walk or bike ride inland from the beach and see the beauty for yourself.

*Jackson State Park offers many options from trails to hike and bike on, one which leads to a beautiful waterfall. Alongside those trails, this park has a few great swimming holes the locals love to enjoy as well.

*Blow Hole, Little River, Van Damme State Park. This park has great trails to check out, but its main feature is the Blow Hole which is quite the site to see/experience.

*Bowling Ball Beach. If you take hwy 1 in or out of the bay, be sure to check the tide for Bowling Ball Beach. Just north of Pt. Arena, this beach has rocks that have been formed in to huge bowling ball like formations from the unique tide for that area!

*Jughandle State Park has a great beach, but also offers a beautiful and educational 4mile round trip hike through the Ecological Staircase Trail. See how our earth was formed and the vegetation changes the farther up in elevation you go..ending in a unique and beautiful Pygmy Forest.

*Enjoy wine?! Well stop by any of the number of wineries along hwy 128 before you get here..or on your way home. Just be sure to have a responsible/sober driver ;) There's a bunch of em, so it can get interesting out in that wineries' sun! Baloney Wineries has TWO Boccie courts to play on while sipping, or drinking, away.

* Mountain Biking. Wanna take your Sunday and bust a move on the trails out here?! Bring your bike or rent a bike and we can take you out! Also, check out Mendocino Bike Sprite online for additional touring information.

*Pt. Cabrillo Lighthouse is in Caspar, just 3 miles north of Mendo. A beautiful site with a small marine education space.

*Sand Dunes...oh my! Sand forever. Bring a sand board or just your bare feet...its a long walk to the ocean, but you may not even make it due to the fun of playing in rolling hills of sand.

*The Kelly House Museum in the town of Mendocino, offers historical tours around the, then Village. An entertaining tour guide dressed in old time attire to boot ;)

*Want to head north for a bit more driving? We highly recommend the AVENUE OF THE GIANTS. Up that way, at the intersection of hwy 1 and 101 is the opportunity to DRIVE THRU A TREE. An old Redwood tree on its side is so can drive thru it!

*Hendy Woods State Park, along hwy 128, also has a great water hole and amazing trails to see old Redwood trees.. interested in seeing more HUGE LIVING Redwoods??! Check out Montgomery State Park. Some of the best sittings of old growth around our area hands down.

= Thanks to our Sponsors!

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